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Full Face™ Carbide Cutters

Carbide-tipped scarifier cutters, including the “Next Generation” KRXVI Scarifier Cutter, will provide a surface like no other cutter available on the market today. The KutRite Full Face Cutter incorporates three times the amount of carbide than standard carbide- tipped cutters, along with KutRite’s patent pending Key-Lock system. The Full Face cutter allows for 100 percent removal of surface material with minimum damage to the substrate. Utilize the Full Face Cutter for traffic line removal, epoxy removal, thermoplastic removal, cold plastic coatings removal and general scarification. Extremely long lasting, Full Face Cutters remove all types of materials and leaves any finish desired with virtually invisible witness marks. Minimizes changeover time and fits all machines. NOTE: In addition, the KR16PT Full Face Cutter replaces diamond cutting for inlays, and has no issues with hard or soft concrete and no need for water. The surface left behind is smooth, profiled and ready for applications.

SPECIAL NOTE: Kut-Rite Full Face Cutters are now a preferred application method for Epoplex Highway Marking Solutions, which does pavement marking products and inlaid grooving. Epoplex’s general application specification supplements state, “Full Face Cutters with carbide tips produce a consistent groove pattern,” as part of an example of preferred grooving methods.

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Available Full Face™ cutters
Part # Description OD ID Thickness Style
3001 KR5PT 1-3/4" 5/8" 1/4" 5 point
3002 KR6PT 1-3/4" 5/8" 1/4" 6 point
3003 KR8PTSM 2-1/4" .625 1/4" 8 point
3004 KR8PTSM 2-1/4" .80 1/4" 8 point
3005 KR8PTSM 2-1/4" 1" 1/4" 8 point
3007 KR12PT 3" 1" 5/16" 12 point
3008 KR12PT 3" 1.187 5/16" 12 point
3009 KR16PT 3" 1" 5/16" 16 point
3010 KR16PT 3" 1-3/16" 5/16" 16 point