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All-new Conquer20 SS allows you to grind and go

The newest member of the Conquer series of grinders and polishers is the 210-pound Conquer20 SS, an entry level, low cost machine that combines all the versatility of the Conquer20 with new features targeted for the typical residential contractor.

Grinding and polishing on a 20-inch cut, the Conquer20 SS is capable of running in planetary and rotary modes with a sturdy, well-balanced chassis and a powerful cast-iron motor available in 110- and 220-volt models. The Conquer20 SS has a handle with unique pivot break point midway up the shaft (see bottom of page) to allow for “in operation” adjustments in tight positions, such as closets. This is ideal for residential contractors who have many different polishing needs.

While the market offers many counter-top grinding and polishing units, the Conquer20 SS rolls the floor and counter-top options into one versatile system. Customers can purchase an additional counter-top handle for the Conquer20 SS, which allows the machine to convert from floor grinder/polisher into a counter-top unit. Since residential contractors have unique responsibilities, the Conquer20 SS’s conversion system is the perfect option for them, enabling the user to expand the range of work without adding entire machines that might be too costly.

The wheel system of the Conquer20 SS resembles the Conquer Twin for ease of transporting up and down stairs. Specific new packaging designs allow the unit to be shipped via UPS or Fed Ex for the ultimate convenience.

The Conquer20 SS is good for both wet and dry uses. For removal purposes, it connects to the Kut-Rite KleanRite™ RF21 vacuum.

Like the rest of the Conquer series, the Conquer20 SS is fit with Kut-Rite’s Belt-Drive System and Quick Disconnect (QD) Tooling for ease of use. In addition, the Tilt-Back Bowl design head offers quick, safe and easy tool changes.

Featured accessories include Bi-directional, quick attach and magnetic PCD plates; magnetic eight-way scraper plates; scarifier plates for removal usage; different metal bond diamonds for grinding; and several different types of pads for concrete polishing. Kut-Rite also offers traditional bolt-style tooling.