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KR10 Scarifier: KutRite's picture of innovation

The KutRite KR10 (10-inch cutting path) offers gas and electric versions of centrally located quality engineering that refuses to “jump out of the cut.” It is offered in an 9- horsepower gas (293 pounds with drum) and a 306-pound electric unit. This is a machine that targets heavy duty surface preparation, heavy removal of concrete, asphalt, thermo-plastic lines, paints, coatings, trowel marks, curled joints, sidewalk trip hazards and the like.

Like most of the KutRite scarifier line, the KR10 features a laser-cut tab design, zero- depth height adjustment, better balance and less vibration, a side-access drum assembly, swiveling vacuum port, emergency stop, induction-hardened hex shafts, sealed bearings and toothed belts.

Featured accessories are Carbide (TCT), Full Face, Milling and Steel cutters, scarifier drums and shafts and KleanRite™ vacuum units.

Features and Benefits


Main features of KutRite's scarifier machines include side access entry (left, zero depth height adjustment (center) and easy drum change (right).

Featured Accessories

CuttersDrums and Shafts
Steel Cutters Drums and Shafts