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KRXVI Scarifier Cutter KRXVI

KRXVI Scarifier Cutter

The “Next Generation” KRXVI Tungsten Carbide-tipped scarifier cutter takes the Full Face Cutter one step further and features 16 hex-tipped carbide inserts focusing on superior finish and removal speed when removing pavement lines and prepping for inlays. The KRXVI was developed with an improved brazing technique for the hex- shaped inserts, making them stronger with a longer life than your standard TCT carbide-tipped cutter. The KRXVI also offers an integrated hub that eliminates the need for spacers on your scarifier drum.

Next Generation
Part # Description ODID Thickness Style
3011 KRXVI 3.25"1" .375" 16 point
3012 KRXVI 3.25"1-3/16" .375" 16 point