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EDGEKutter™ Dust Shroud: An angle grinder's best companion

The EDGEKutter™ Dust Shroud is a unique instrument designed to attach to an angle grinder in order to collect the dust and debris generated while concrete grinding, wood- sanding or concrete polishing.

The EDGEKutter™ Dust Shroud offers plenty of obvious benefits. It is made of polycarbonates, at times known by trademarked names such as Lexan, Makrolon, Makroclear and others. They are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers that can be easily worked, molded and thermoformed. Because of these properties, polycarbonate can be used for many applications and is very durable. Although it has high impact-resistance, it also has low scratch resistance – therefore, it is found in eyewear lenses and exterior automotive uses. But in fact, the second-highest user of polycarbonates in the world is the construction material industry, which uses it in dome lights, flat or curved glazing and sound walls.

KutRite engineers opted to make its shroud out of polycarbonate because of its longevity, strength and light overall weight – it’s much lighter than its steel counterparts in the business.

The Dust Shroud incorporates a dense rubber dust-collecting seal that is attached by hook and loop. The shroud will achieve “zero” edging from three sides with the seal in place. The front two corners are cut back to provide edging around the odd shapes of any work site.

The Dust Shroud is equipped with an adjustable angle grinder-mounting system that allows for quick and easy attachment to most 7- and 9-inch angle grinders without adding a thing. The dust port measures 1½ inches to allow for the use of smaller hoses that provide for ease of operation, maneuverability and better dust control.

Why is the Dust Shroud designed as a square? Well, how many round rooms have who worked on? KutRite kept that ideal in mind in designing the Dust Shroud. The square shroud is placed over the round wheel so that a maximum area is ground at a right angle. The corners of the square are cut off in an effort to allow edge grinding around odd shapes. The dust shroud is fully capable of reaching zero distance from the front and two sides while connected to an angle grinder.

KutRite engineers designed this instrument with the rest of the market in mind. The EDGEKutter™ Dust Shroud’s mounting system allows it to fit any angle grinder with a bearing cap measuring 2 through 2 7/8 inches without changing or adding anything during attachment. This characteristic allows for changing from angle grinder to angle grinder without purchasing specific mounts. That eliminates the “fit-up” issue that most consumers face with other products currently on the market.

If your project requires dust control for an angle grinder, the Dust Shroud is just for you. It’s ideal for wood floor restoration, commercial flooring, concrete flooring, concrete flooring polishing, concrete floor sanding, concrete repair or any type of dustless floor sanding or dustless concrete grinding.

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