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Truck Mounted Scarifier Drums

Truck Mounted Scarifier Drums

The unique, three-piece construction of the KutRite Truck Mounted Drum allows for the contractor to change the center hub on accommodate multiple removal widths.

Like the rest of the KutRite drum and shaft line of products, the Truck Mount Scarifier Drum is designed to be long lasting yet affordable. In fact, KutRite Truck Mounted Drums are the most affordable per foot in the industry. Because of the modular design, our drums allow you to only replace the items that wear.

KutRite carries a continuous inventory for most Truck Mounted Drums in the 7/8-inch, 25mm or one-inch rod sizes. Special packages are always available.

Drum Sizes
Part #DescriptionDrum Width
8.000.0001MRL Drum w/ 25mm Shafts9.5"
5.550.0000 MRL Drum w/ 25mm Shafts 8.5"
9.000.0001 MRL Drum w/ 7/8" Shafts 9.5"
9.000.0000 MRL Drum w/ 7/8" Shafts 8.5"
7.500.0001 MRL Drum w/ 1" Shafts 9.5"
6.500.0000 MRL Drum w/ 1" Shafts 8.5"
6.500.0008 MRL Center Tube  
6.500.0004 MRL Drum Spacer  
6.500.0003 MRL Drum End Plate  
6.500.0002 MRL Drum Retaining Ring  
4.000.0001 Arrow Drum w/ 1" Shafts 8"
6.000.000 Arrow Drum w/ 7/8" Shafts 8"
5.000.00001 Arrow Center Tube  
5.000.0000 Arrow End Plate  
6.000.0001.0 Arrow Drum Retaining Ring  
Spacer Sizes
Part #DescriptionODxIDxThickness
6000Small Spacer.948 x .569 x .092
6001 Medium Spacer 1.25 x .633 x .089
6002 Large Spacer 1.51 x .811 x.122
6003 XL Spacer 1.51 x 1.01 x .122