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KutRite's Scarifier Drums and Shafts are the best on the market

KutRite Drums and Shafts

KutRite offers a full line of replacement scarifier drums and shafts for most OEM equipment on the market. We firmly believe that our precision engineering offers a scarifier drum and shaft assembly superior to anything on the market today.

KutRite’s drums are heat treated throughout, using the best engineering and heating techniques available based on the Rockwell scale. The Rockwell scale is based on the indentation hardness of a material. Others in the marketplace offer drums with bushings, heat-treating the bushings but not the drums. Those instruments are less expensive and may work well for a time, but eventually not only do the bushings fail from heavy use, but those failing bushings add additional wear to the drum itself. Hence, when replacing a worn-out bushing, contractors many times find that the replacement no longer fits into the drum correctly.

KutRite’s process avoids that situation. KutRite engineers its drums as one unit, heat-treating them to the optimum Rockwell scale hardness for the best longevity during heavy-duty use. As a result, our drums and shafts last five times the life of others on the market. In fact, one of our best customers quoted our drums outlasting others in the industry by a 10-to-1 margin – which is a huge cost savings factor for any contractor.

KutRite Drums and Shafts

Engineering to the correct Rockwell scale hardness is a lengthy and expensive process. Overheating can cause the tool to become brittle. The key, KutRite has found, is to harden the entire component without reaching Hydrogen embrittlement.

All of this is why KutRite drums and shafts are the best on the market today. They are constructed for heavy-duty work and case hardened throughout. The shafts are custom- made, induction-hardened and chrome-plated.

Drums Sizes
Part #DescriptionShaft SizeNumber of Shafts
999.06.0000 KRKutRite KR6 Drum10mmx7-1/8"4
9999.08.0000 KutRite KR8HD 12mm X 8-5/8" 4
9999.10.0000 KutRite KR10 9/16" X 10-1/2" 6
9999.13.0000S KutRite KR13 22mm X 13-15/16" 4
9998.13.0000S KutRite KR13 22mm X 13-15/16" 5
9999.13.0000S KutRite TKO-2513 22mm X 13-15/16" 4
9998.13.0000S KutRite TKO-2513 22mm X 13-15/16" 5
Shaft Sizes
7/16" 12mm
1/2" 20mm
9/16" 22mm
3/4" 25mm
7/8" .
1" .