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Conquer30: Getting the edge on those problem places

For contractors looking at those hard-to-get-to places, Kut-Rite offers the 598-pound Conquer30, a grinding and polishing machine that combines a 10 horsepower motor with a 30-inch grinding/polishing path – and, most importantly, a low-profile edge.

The Conquer30 focuses on taking the operator to those difficult places to get to – underneath shelving units, cabinets and other hard-to-reach areas. Because the Conquer30 reduces the height of the machine’s bowl more than any other unit in the Conquer series, it is also most adept at closer edging.

The three-headed planetary movement machine is best suited for jobs tackling 10,000 square feet or more and is designed for both wet and dry applications. Like most Conquer models, it comes equipped with a standard three-gallon water tank. It connects to the Kut-Rite KleanRite™ RF31 and RF32 Vacuums.

Like the rest of the Conquer series, the Conquer30 is fit with Kut-Rite’s Belt-Drive System and Quick Disconnect (QD) Tooling for ease of use. In addition, the Tilt-Back Bowl design head offers quick, safe and easy tool changes.

Featured accessories include Bi-directional, quick attach and magnetic PCD plates; magnetic eight-way scraper plates; scarifier plates for removal usage; different metal bond diamonds for grinding; and several different types of pads for concrete polishing. Kut-Rite also offers traditional bolt-style tooling.