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KleanRite Vacuum Filter

Replacement filters for all KleanRite™ vacuums are available individually or in sets of three. All replacement filters feature the industry’s best Ultra-Web technology, which enables the reverse flow units to work at maximum capacity.

Part #DescriptionSize
KRMC1200.0023 KleanRite™ Vacuum Filter RF21/31/32

KleanRite Bags

Replacement bags for all KleanRite™ vacuums are available. They are 6mm poly, 24 by 36 inches and come in a 100-count box.

Part #Description qty
KRMCPB8635 KleanRite™ Vacuum Bag 100pcs

KleanRite Vacuum Seal

Replacement tank seals are available for all KleanRite™ vacuums. A 52-inch version fits the KleanRite™ RF21; the 62-inch version fits both the RF31 and RF32.

Part #Description qty
KRMCT521.5 KleanRite™ RF21 Tank Seal each
KRMCTS62 KleanRite™ RF31 Tank Seal each

KleanRite Vacuum Hoses

Hoses and Connectors
Replacement hoses and hose parts are available for all KleanRite™ vacuums, and include 25-foot ribbed rubber grey hose; host cuffs; sweeper tool kit with 10 feet of hose; and “Y” connector to bring two hoses into one.

Part #Description Size
VH2x25 KleanRite™ 2" Vacuum Hose 25ft
VHC2X2 KleanRite™ Vacuum Hose Cuff 2" ID
KRMCM60003 KleanRite™ Sweeper Tool Kit Fits RF21/31/32
KR-YC.00 KleanRite™ Y Connector 2"
KRDC900 KleanRite™ Hose Cuff 1-1/2"