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TKO-2513 Hydraulic Scarifier: The most powerful in its class

The Kut-Rite TKO-2513 Hydraulic Scarifier Attachment is the most powerful scarifier/planer on the market. Combined with a skid steer machine, the TKO-2513 weighs in at 476 pounds (with drum) and is fully equipped with a bi-directional hydraulic motor. This machine should be considered for extremely fast surface preparation, heavy removal of concrete, asphalt, thermoplastic lines, paints, coatings, trowel marks, curled joints, sidewalk trip hazards and the like.

The TKO-2513 features a long-life bi-rotational hydraulic motor that produces an up or down cut. The scarifier head never leaves the surface while cutting in forward or reverse, which increases production rates by 50 percent. A quad-spring suspension offers constant ground contact in uneven areas. Its attachment is configured for most popular skid steers.

A precision depth control remembers your cutting depth until you change it. A quick attach mounting plate and QD hydraulic lines offer complete tool changes in 90 seconds. It also has a vacuum hose port and optional diamond tooling packages are available.

Featured accessories are Carbide (TCT), Full Face, Milling and Steel cutters, scarifier drums and shafts and KleanRiteā„¢ vacuum units.

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