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Conquer25 LP: Industry’s most versatile propane-driven unit

Start with a partnership between Kut-Rite Manufacturing and Onyx Environmental Solutions and you eventually create one of the industry’s most versatile propane-driven grinder/polishers in the business, the 556-pound Conquer25 LP.

This 16 horsepower machine incorporates all the cutting-edge features of the Conquer series – the Tilt-Back Bowl, the Kut-Rite Belt-Drive System and the Quick Disconnect (QD) Tooling – with environmentally friendly features and a 25-inch grinding and polishing path. Like most Conquer models, it comes equipped with a standard three-gallon water tank. The Conquer25 LP offers vacuum connectivity, ideally with the KleanRite™ RF32.

The Conquer25 LP offers a direct-drive propane method with the weight directly over the floor for best use. Yet it still allows for Kut-Rite’s tilt-back technology for easy use. The Conquer25 LP comes equipped with a new propane tank filled with pressurized air, which must by purged and replaced with propane vapor.

The Onyx technology offered in the Conquer25 LP exceeds Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards. The propane system reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 98 percent over conventional propane-powered systems by continuously adjusting the fuel flow and emissions automatically. This technology guarantees better air quality for the operator and the overall indoor workplace environment.

The Conquer25 LP model is one of only two machines in the Conquer series that offer a unique adjustable throttle. Kut-Rite’s adjustable throttle – just twist and pull – allows the operator to dial in the revolutions per minute (RPMs) to match the abrasive/substrate- specific requirement. RPM is an important part of any grinding or polishing project and the Conquer25 LP’s digital tachometer provides the exact engine RPMs. In addition, the machine offers a conversion chart on the handle that translates engine speed to tools speed for precision grinding and polishing with specific tools.

An electronic clutch incorporates precision engagement of torque to the tools, allowing the system to start with zero torque and then engage or disengage with the flip of a switch.

This product is best suited for job sites with limited power or open-air environments. It is also ideally suited for janitorial markets, schools and other air-sensitive areas, as well.

Featured accessories include Bi-directional, quick attach and magnetic PCD plates; magnetic eight-way scraper plates; scarifier plates for removal usage; different metal bond diamonds for grinding; and several different types of pads for concrete polishing. Kut-Rite also offers traditional bolt-style tooling.