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Polished concrete equipment and tools

KutRite concrete floor grinders, polishers, vacuums and tooling are the most diverse surface preparation machines on the market today. Our equipment and processes are designed to transform ordinary concrete into attractive finished floors for both commercial and residential settings. We work with architects, builders, contractors and facility managers to develop and execute successful plans for all flooring needs. The following is a brief explanation of the equipment and tools that you could be using during the concrete polishing process.

Concrete GrindersConcrete grinders
A concrete grinder is used with diamond abrasives or super abrasives to remove coatings from concrete floors and decks. A concrete grinder can also be used to put a series of scratches in a floor, preparing it for a mechanical bond for epoxy or cement- based coatings and overlays. Grinders can also be used in environmental cleanups and for concrete polishing
KleanRite™ VacuumsDust collectors
A dust collector is used to capture debris created by the concrete grinder. The dust collector uses suction to extract the debris. It then collects the debris through a series of filters. Kut-Rite uses “back pressure” in its patented KleanRite™ Reverse Flow Technology system to blow the filters out and constantly clean the heavy debris off of the filters. This process greatly reduces the airborne particulate on the job site and makes it operator safe. It also controls collateral dust in the process, whether operating in a wet or dry environment.
ProShine ChemicalsChemicals
These solutions are used to harden the concrete. Applying densifiers and chemicals to the surface of the concrete cause a chemical reaction. The concrete will go through a physical change on and just under the surface. This reaction helps the grinder develop a scratch pattern and also helps with sustainability over the life of the concrete.
Removal ToolsRemoval tools
These are carbide and PCD tools used with the grinder to remove bulk coatings and/or adhesives. Removal tools involve a crucial step in the preparation of the concrete for a coating and during the first steps in concrete polishing.
Metal Bond ToolsMetal bond tools
A metal bond tools is the first-step apparatus. They are made of different metals and minerals -- copper, cobalt, zinc etc. These are designed to abrade away with the concrete and expose a new diamond. A good tool will possess a high degree of diamond content that is distributed evenly throughout the metal matrix or the utensil.
Polishing PadsPolishing tools
These pads are made for the transition and final polishing of the concrete. These tools have a high diamond count with a softer matrix. They also have fillers that take up space within the matrix. This helps with the distribution of diamond content as well as holding the diamond in the matrix for as long as possible. Resin bonds and polishing pads also have the higher grit diamond count for a super-fine cut and good angle reflection.