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KR7 Handheld: The best lightweight, low-cost option

The KR7 electric handheld grinders and polishers offer a low-cost, lightweight solution to any edging detail. Including wheel and shroud, the KR7 polisher weighs just 13 pounds, while the grinder comes in at 17 pounds. The KR7 is available in the single-speed 115- volt, 6,000 RPM or variable-speed 115-volt, 0-to-1750 RPM models.

Kut-Rite’s KR7 is ideal to grind clean concrete, remove coatings, mastics, urethanes, epoxies and paints. It makes easy work of leveling high spots or grinding away surface cracks. Used as a variable-speed polisher, it makes quick work of blending edges with the polished floor. With a unique steel plate backer and innovative polishing rings, the KR7 allows you to apply pressure to the edge of the wheel to easily remove grit scratches.

KR7 tools have a 1½-inch vacuum port that is designed to direct the hose away from the work area and incorporates a convertible feature that allows for edge grinding or polishing right up to the edge of any obstruction. The 7-inch shrouds are available with mounting kits for all major grinder/polisher brands.

Featured accessories for the EDGEKutter™ Dust Shroud are MetalEDGE rings, EDGEKutter™ Rings, Diamond Cup Wheels and EDGERKutter Highspeed Ceramics.

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