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KRazor EDGE: Get off your hands and knees and celebrate!

Pity the poor flooring contractor who wants to put a professional edge on a project but must go down on his hands and knees to do so. It’s a situation that has haunted professionals in this business for decades. Into that void comes a new, high-tech machine, The KRazor EDGE, designed, built and distributed by Kut-Rite Manufacturing.

Kut-Rite engineers started focusing on the idea of getting contractors off of their hands and knees with during the introduction of the EDGEKutter™, a maneuverable, safe and attachment-friendly dolly system. The KRazor EDGE takes the next logical step in the process.

The KRazor EDGE is designed as a robust, high-production 3 horsepower, 220-volt variable speed grinding and polishing edger with interchangeable heads. Using much of the stand-up maneuvering technology found in the popular EDGEKutter™ system, The Edge goes further, offering an adjustable, stand-up machine that replicates the results of a hand grinder/polisher – all without the pains of getting down on your hands and knees.

The six-position handle of the KRazor EDGE offers a walk-behind feature, three positions for the “T” handle, two positions for the complete handle and 5-degree adjustable tilt (with the adjustable knob at 1-degree increments). The EDGEKutter™ Shroud moves flush to the wall – it “floats,” offering the greatest job efficiency.

The KRazor EDGE’s tee-handle is ergonomically designed to also allow the operator to use the machine from either side. All of these features give the operator the same control that he would have with his hand grinder, only from a standing position.

When fully powered, the KRazor EDGE floats in any direction and turns on a dime, guided by two non-marking swivel casters that offer 90-degree locking from four positions for ideal edging use. Inspections, cleaning and adjustments can be made through an easy access panel on the unit.

In addition, this is not an additional weight specific machine. If a contractor seeks additional weight for the KRazor EDGE, off-the-shelf weights will fit the machine.

Kut-Rite is introducing the KRazor EDGE with a single-head system that will accept the industry-typical 7-inch standard tooling as well as Kut-Rite’s Quick Disconnect (QD) tooling, which includes MetalEDGE Rings, EDGEKutter™ Rings, and diamond cup and EDGEKutter™ High Speed Ceramics. The second phase of the KRazor EDGE is a twin-head design with a pair of seven-inch heads for contractors seeking a dual-head approach. In the future, look for Kut-Rite to offer a true planetary and scarifier heads. The Edge will connect to the KleanRite™ RF21 vacuum.