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The problems of edging: Getting rite to the problem

Edge Grinders

Traditionally, there has been no more difficult job than putting the proper “edge” on a newly ground or polished floor, an edge that matched the field area of the floor in quality and shine. Contractors have dreaded what was a “hands and knees” job fr decades, and faced overwhelming labor and quality problems. As a result, the industry took the best shortcuts that it could develop, adding dyes to the surface or additional edging to the walls to hide the problems inherent in the farthest reaches of any floor.

Enter Kut-Rite Manufacturing’s design and engineering staff. We offer one of the most high-tech, versatile edging machines possible, with every unit designed and engineered with cutting labor costs and improving quality in mind.

The Kut-Rite EDGEKutter™ Dust Shroud, KR7 Handheld polishers and grinders, the EDGEKutter™, the KRazor EDGE and a lengthy line of accessories are guaranteed to make your job cleaner and more cost efficient, while improving the floor’s ultimate overall quality.

The KRazor EDGE is Kut-Rite’s newest product and bundles all of the industry’s concerns into a “one-stop shopping” situation. The KRazor EDGE is a single machine that erases the edging concerns of the past, a robust, versatile, single-head variable speed unit that offers hands’ on service in a stand-up device that “floats” across the surface and along the walls for highest quality results. Can be fitted with the industry’s standard 7-inch tooling or Kut-Rite’s Quick Disconnect (QD) tooling. It will soon be offered in a dual-head model with planetary and scarifier heads to come in the future. If you do a lot of edging, the KRazor EDGE is for you.

The EDGEKutter™ is a high-tech dolly attachment system that allows the contractor to attach traditionally hand-held equipment to it and grind and/or polish edges from a standing position with the same control as if he were on his hands and knees doing the job. This very adaptable machine can be purchased in a complete package that would include hand-held grinder, dust collector and tooling accessories.

If you need a quality hand-held grinder and/or polisher, Kut-Rite’s KR7 remains the industry’s best buy. And when it comes to collecting dust generated from an angle grinder, the EDGEKutter™ Dust Shroud – made of lightweight, long-lasting polycarbonate – performs “zero” edging from three sides while attaching to most angle grinders without changing or any other attachment.

If you are focused on edging, Kut-Rite’s American-made machinery is the best bet in the business.